Bégearss | The Ghosts of Versailles

The Glimmerglass Festival, 2019

"The villainous Patrick Honoré Bégearss is served up with obvious relish, with a side of scenery to chew on, by Christian Sanders. Mr. Sanders’ clarion, bright-toned tenor sailed through the treacherous Aria of the Worm with nary a problem, undaunted by the tessitura or imposing orchestration."

-James Sohre, Opera Today

"Christian Sanders showed himself to be a powerful tenor and strong stage communicator as the despicable villain through numerous reprises of 'Aria of the Worm' in what clearly was intended as a great crowd pleaser. He pranced and hissed and staggered on the stage as if he had been coached by Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'"

-Susan Galbraith, DCTheatreScene.com

"Christian Sanders revealed a ringing tenor that seems destined for distinction..."

-Cameron Kelsall, Bachtrack

"Christian Sanders was superb as Bégearss, never more so than when he was abusing Tucker Reed Breder’s Wilhelm."

-Rick Perdian, Seen and Heard International

"Standouts included the theatrically astute tenor Christian Sanders, as Bégearss, the cartoon villain in Beaumarchais’s opera, who has two lengthy, vehement arias about vermin..."

-Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

"Christian Sanders gets some of the best moments of the night as the dastardly Begearss."

-Joseph Dalton, Times Union

"Christian Sanders performed the role of the villain Bégearss singing Bégearss’ anthem Long Live the Worm with spectacular success, receiving one of the evening’s biggest ovations."

-William Burnett, Opera Warhorses

Achille di Rosalba | Il cappello di paglia di Firenze

Minnesota Opera, 2019

“The humor of some actors landed more than others but the clear fan favorite was pink-tuxedo wearing Viscount Achille di Rosalba played by Christian Sanders.”

- Brian Lenz, Minnesota Playlist

Jonathan Dale | Silent Night

The Minnesota Opera, 2018

“Christian Sanders, seen in last month’s La Rondine, gave a chilling performance of a reluctant soldier who progresses to a cold-blooded killer.”

-Schmopera, Callie Cooper

Prunier | La Rondine

The Minnesota Opera, 2018

" As Prunier, Christian Sanders brings a strong, soothing tenor to his verses. He conveys Prunier's sly nature, proffering the poetry of true love, while pursuing something less virtuous."

-Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

"Beside her (Lisette) the Prunier of Christian Sanders cut a raffish figure, and their interplay lit the stage in its three-dimensionality."

-Terry Blaine, Star Tribune

Novice | Billy Budd

Des Moines Metro Opera, 2018

“Christian Sanders’ clear, shining tenor served the role of the Novice well”

- James Sohre, Opera Today

“There was excellent work from Christian Sanders as the frightened novice.”

- Mark Thomas Ketterson, Opera News

Albert Herring | Albert Herring

Portland State University, 2018

“Sanders performed his transformative role with stage-savvy sparkle and athleticism…Sanders had no competition for stardom.”

- Angela Allen, Oregon Arts Watch

“Christian Sanders as Albert Herring was a real showstopper. His incredible tenor was matched by his acting--even in the midst of a high comedy such as this, his ability to portray the frustration and smothered angst that seems to define Herring's life was crucial.  His voice was up to this difficult task, expressive and seemingly effortless, and with impeccable diction to boot. Sanders took his time enunciating, acting--doing all the small things necessary to make comedy work… (He) worked tirelessly to make sure all the subtleties were there.”

- Lorin Wilkerson, Northwest Reverb